This page is intended as an online resource to provide some useful information about all aspects of archery. These PDF downloads were created by various people who have made them available online but any copyrights remain with the original authors. Click on the link to view the PDF or right click and select “save as” to download it.


BoM Club Information

BOM Range Safety & Etiquette Instructions 08022016

BOM Annual Fees

For any other information please email


Rules of Shooting

Download the Archery GB (Grand National Archery Society) Rules of Shooting


Recurve Bow Set-Up

A guide setting up the recurve bow correctly from Australian Archery.

Preliminary set-up for a recurve bow by KG Bearman

Advice on recurve limb alignment from Andrew Smith


Bow Tuning

A Bow Tuning Guide by Keith Parsons

A simple set of tips for tuning a recurve bow, written by Steve Ellison.

Tune for Tens, a bow tuning guide written by Rick Stonebraker.



A useful guide for choosing and using stabilisers, written by Steve Ellison.


Arrow Tuning and Maintenance

An excellent guide to arrow tuning and maintenance from the world famous Easton.

A useful guide on replacing plastic arrow fletchings from the Worcester Bowmen Archery Club



Archery thoughts for Beginners by SimonĀ Rigden

Entering your first tournamentĀ 

A helpful guide written by Rick Andrews click the link below to download.


Buying your own Bow

Another helpful guide written this time by Peter Munday

Peters Guide to buying your initial kit29082014


Thanks to all the people who made this information available by putting it online. We hope readers will find some of these guides useful. Please ask one of the more experienced archers in the club if you need any help or explanation.